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“Concoction: Popular Solos for Student Trumpet Players” is Becki’s first solo CD, recorded and produced by Madstop Records in Potsdam, New York. The CD includes¬†14 pieces that the common grade school, middle school, or high school age trumpet student prepares and performs for music festivals and contests. The CD is used primarily as a teaching tool for band directors, and a listening reference for students and comeback trumpet players.

The music on the CD includes:

  1. Concoctions by John Cheetham
  2. Gavotte and Hornpipe by Purcell
  3. Andante et Allegretto by Balay
  4. Jiggle A Bit by Buchtel
  5. To A Wild Rose by MacDowell
  6. Petite Piece Concertante by Balay
  7. Hokus Pokus by Buchtel
  8. Chorale Melody No. 19 by Bach
  9. Fantaisie en Mi by Barat
  10. The Powdered Wig by McKay
  11. English Suite by Fitzgerald
  12. Call from Modern Suite by Fitzgerald
  13. Sonata VIII by Corelli
  14. Salm O Dewi Sant by Jenkins