In the Light: Contest Solos for Student Trumpeters was recorded in Opperman Hall at Florida State University and produced by Garnet House Productions in Tallahassee, Florida. Featured on the CD are 11 common solos that the intermediate to beginning advanced student prepares for music festivals, contests, and auditions. In the Light officially released for sale on iTunes and in hard copy on  October 1, 2016. Purchase your copy today!









Concoction: Popular Solos for Student Trumpet Players was recorded in Hosmer Hall at the Crane School of Music and produced by Madstop Records of Potsdam, New York. Releasing for sale in June of 2012, the CD features 14 popular contest solos for the student trumpet player that were unavailable in a professional audio recording format. Over 600 copies of Concoction were sold in 17 different states within the US and in the United Kingdom. It is no longer available for purchase.

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